A Hymn of Praise!

April 2020

Father, Oh Lord.

Healer. Sustainer. Life Giver.

My heart overflows with gratitude for the experience of You.

Your presence brings marveling at the ways You work and the mighty power of Your hand. From You blessings of undeserved proportions flow.

My body. This body. Your Temple – a grounds for glory and beauty. I present it to you.

You have fixed it. You are fixing it.

It screams. I scream! HALLELUJAH!

You have risen.

I, too, have risen. Been raised by Your hand.

And once again, I will rise with you. At your next coming. In our next intimate moment.

Life is just beginning. Newness is taking form.

Your breath of life is needed. Sustain me. Sustain us.

Oh, Father!

Sin brings me to my knees each day. Not just in prayer or in the seeking of Your face. But in surrender… in death to the things that separate me from You.

I need you.

Healer. Sustainer. Life Giver.

I need you.

Let not these bones become brittle and dry again. Devoid of life. Devoid of life for you.

Like Jeremiah, I now have a fire that cannot be shut up in my bones. My praise – so vocal on my lips. So very needed in a world that doesn’t know you. Doesn’t see you. Doesn’t hear you.

It’s a praise that glorifies you. It makes the captive take notice. Perhaps the blind will see? The deaf will hear?

Healer. Sustainer. Life Giver.

Heal me.

Sustain me.

Give me life.


You are Mighty and Worthy of all praise.




Worship for Encouragement

Hands up, hearts open, wide as the sky. We lift You high, we lift You high. Hands up, hearts open, wide as we cry. God, we lift Your name high.”