Your Story May Be My Story… Our Story

Have you ever been torn apart by thought and emotion? Lost in your questions about life and purpose in seasons of struggle? Have your questions ever left your heart disgruntled, disoriented, distant, and disconnected from God?

If so, find comfort… you’re in the right place!

Conflicts of the Heart is a ministry for you, for me… for us. It is a place birthed from the deepest questions and heart conflicts I’ve had in my walk with Christ. It is a ministry birthed from God’s gift of grace and hope in moments of exercised faith. It is a ministry that stands on His Word, modeling not only Christ, but also the “heroines of faith” that Scripture has so generously given us.

In no longer seeing myself as the heroine of my life, God is developing me into a brave, bold, and bright woman who unapologetically asks Him the questions in which He desires to respond – the Hows? Whens? Wheres? Whys?. He’s teaching me that His answers can come in small and large packages, easy and difficult seasons, abundance and drought, and even in uncertainty and doubt. He’s taught me that He will, indeed, answer my questions along the journey, regardless of whether I like His response.

So, today I invite you to take the journey with me… to walk out your own heart’s journey with our Creator.

Do you seek His answers and guidance in areas where your heart is conflicted, wounded, or torn apart?

Are you ready to entrust Him with your questions and dreams, letting Him take you under His protecting wing?

Will you choose to commit yourself to moving in faith with Him… one moment at a time? Even if it means crawling some days, hours, or minutes?

Be welcomed to the sisterhood knowing that through God’s grace, I will be sharing my story, encouraging you in yours, and praying for the outpouring out of His love and hope in your current season.

May He continue to encourage our faith as we work out our salvation in Him — and Him alone. Blessings upon the answers and dreams you will receive and choose to live out!

With love,