Prayer Over My Purpose

God, you are the Great Shepherd. Those who belong to you know and hear your voice. Your faithfulness stands and protects us from all harm. Out of your love, you carry us – like the good shepherd carries his lambs. Even when I stray out into the field, far away from the pasture you provided for me, your voice always calls me home. Today, I hear your voice calling me back, reminding me of my purpose – the one you set for me long ago.

I confess my actions that were outside of your will and purpose for me. In my filthiness, I ran away from you into a place where the grass was not greener on the other side. I confess to turning my back away from what you wanted for me, for what you purposed for me in that moment. Forgive me for my lusting, for my failure to trust what you see. Have mercy on me. Let you love, the consequences of my sin, and a grieved heart be a deterrent against any future sin.

Your Word states that before you formed me in my mother’s the womb, you knew me and had plans to prosper me and give me a hope. I choose to believe your Word, and I pray for its clear and abundant revelation in my life; for its manifestation in all areas of my existence. Holy Spirit, give me the discernment to know what God’s purposed for me each day – in both the big and the small. Help me to grow in self-control and faith so that I may overcome the temptation to seek earthly things that wage war against my purpose. Create in me a clean heart and renew a steadfast spirit in me. May I surrender my will to yours. May this sheep follow the commands of her shepherd knowing that He will never lead her to a place of lack. In your will, I find everything that I need.