Calling and Purpose

Lord, I give you thanks and praise for being a god who gives each of us a purpose and a calling to live out on earth. In your goodness and greatness, you choose to use us to bring heaven here. Today, I proclaim and give voice to the calling and purpose you have put over my life. Your Word says that before you formed me in the womb, you knew me and had plans to prosper me and give me a hope. I speak life into that calling and pray for its clear and abundant revelation. I come to you requesting the power and consistent use of your spiritual armor. As a warrior suited for battle, I march into victory over my purpose. I cast out ALL untruths, lies, schemes, illusions, slanderous words, and sinful enticements of the enemy that prevent the manifestation of my calling in this season. Your word says “I have not because I ask not,” and today, I boldly ask that you command the waves to cease, the storm to quiet, and my feet to walk in fervent faith toward all you have for me. Continue to open my eyes to the attacks of the enemy – his intentions, forms of condemnation, doubt, and death. Give me courage, strength, and faith to pray without ceasing. Let no weapon formed against me prosper or stop the manifestation of my purpose being lived out. Order my steps this week in preparation and help my unbelief in times of fear. Put a special hedge of protection around me and a special provision of miraculous proportions so your will is done and your name is made great. To you be the glory and praise. In Christ’s power. Amen.