Esther’s Girls

Are you a woman desiring to see her beauty, worth, and power outside the confines of the boundaries others have created for you? Do you have a dream – one with a hope that extends past helping yourself? Or perhaps your heart’s conflicts have produced struggle, disbelief, and despair preventing the fruition of your greatest desires – the ones that once encapsulated your imagination and fueled your every waking moment?

Maybe, just maybe, you’re a woman without a vision needing a vision to awaken your hope and create a dreaming mind; a dream for and from God?

If so, welcome to the Queen’s Court.

You are one of Esther’s Girls.

Esther’s Girls is a group, heart-space for sisterhood purposed to unite women around the realization and expression of their dreams. Through a supportive and encouraging environment, it is a place where Godly direction – coupled with commitment and connection – begins to resolve the greatest conflicts of our hearts that are stalling the manifestation of our deepest desires.

The story of Queen Esther demonstrates the results that can emerge from one woman’s use of her position, proximity to power, and purpose to free a people. Queen Esther’s actions -coupled with those of the other women around her and that of Queen Vashti before her – set the landscape for the exercise of courage and hope at a critical time in history.

Esther’s Girls seeks to help women find their voice, use their voice, and create a “space of voice” for other women.

It seeks to help others have the courage to pursue their dreams (no matter how great or small) with such conviction that they’re willing to say “If I perish, I perish” because the desire within is greater and more compelling than the external risk of remaining quiet.

To join the Queen’s Court, be surrounded by like-minded sisters, and get your dreams started, email us at New dream group starting in the Winter 2021..