From Her Faith to Ours

Scripture is graced with stories of women who sought to maintain a relationship with God. These “heroines of faith” celebrated in jubilation for the gift of communion they had with the Father and the promises He made over their lives. And they, too, encountered struggles, moments of doubt, and strong emotions that may have caused them to momentarily drift from the Lord’s helping hand.

Hannah. Leah. Abigail. Mary Magdalene. Martha. Deborah. Ruth. Miriam. Esther. The Samaritan Woman. And others.

They sought. They prayed. They worshipped. Fasted even. They asked Him tough questions. They trusted. They let God do His thing – sometimes after doing their own.

And like them, we have the privilege of trusting God, too. We have the gift of relationship with Him and His son, Jesus Christ. We have the ability to choose faith in the midst of seasons of confusion and uncertainty, and also in seasons of jubilation and delight. We have the ability to do as these women did, and allow God to be the hero of their story simply by saying:


“I trust you Lord, even though I can’t see my way.”

“I believe you Lord, even though it makes no sense to me.”

“I honor and revere you Lord, even though I don’t know what the outcome will be.”

“I trust you, Lord. Period.”

The pages that follow are meant to be a source of encouragement for how we may choose to live lives of exercised faith. In doing so, we must be willing to wait for the answers that will come, honor God’s response, and trust in the goodness and truth of His Word. We must be willing to work out our salvation in such a way that the our relationship with Christ is of utmost importance to us that we are moved to ask, seek, and obey without ceasing.

And while we may not know exactly what to do or how to do it some moments, we can trustfully walk …one foot after the other … as they did thousands of years ago with Jesus by their side. We can choose to fly on the wings of Christ with an unburdened heart and with the sweetness of the wind’s praise at our backs. There, the conflicts of our hearts shall no longer hold us captive, but instead set us free to live a life of great abandon for the Kingdom, and only the Kingdom!

*More stories to be added over time.