Prayer for Faith

You are the God of words. Everything comes into existence because you speak – because you take the formless and make it form-fitting; the invisible visible. God, you are mighty – all power flows from you.

I confess when my words stood in conflict with yours and when my belief became unbelief – when my faith became doubt. Forgive me of my sins, Lord. Have mercy on your daughter who forgot the power that comes at the sound of your voice. Forgive me Father for the words I’ve spoken that have not edified my faith in you. I acknowledge the pain I’ve caused not only to myself and others, but also to you. I confess to the grievances I committed against your heart and the relationship you’ve gifted to me.

Your Word states that the darkness trembles at the sound of your voice; that darkness and shadows cannot keep out the light that is you. Your name triumphs over all things. Father, help me to hold fast to your Word – to the truth that has existed before time and to your covenant promises.

I lift up prayers for the continued measurement and awareness of the words I speak over myself and others. I pray for an unshakeable faith in you and the promises you have spoken over my life. Your Word states that faith without works is dead. May I work out my salvation more and more by trusting you and through my obedience to your plan. May I speak only when you call me to speak and do what you call me to do. May my words edify and not destroy that which you’ve built in me and others.

You, God, are sovereign and in complete control. I yield my way to yours. I trust that you will meet my unbelief in the ways you deem best.  In Christ’s power.