Prayer for More of You

God you are full of so much. You are the source – the extension and grantor of resource. In you, I am filled. You are enough. I give you praise and glory for the joy, peace, hope, and grace you give so freely and so abundantly. My spirit knows the completeness of your being.

Today, I confess my sins before you. I confess of all those times where what you offered was not enough for me. I confess my discontentment with your provision; my failure to acknowledge that you graciously give me my daily bread. As I work to live a repentant life, grow my satisfaction in you. May I overcome the temptation to seek more things and people, and instead seek you fully. Father, I pray for more of you … more of your love, hope, peace, and joy. I pray for the coming of your Kingdom.


David says in Psalm 73:25, “Who do I have in heaven but you? And I desire nothing on earth but you.” May David’s words be the rhythm and echo of my soul – may I desire nothing but you.

Move my heart to peace in the abundance you provide, even when it looks like lack. Move my heart to peace in the abundance you provide, not in painful desperation, but in joyful hunger. Continue to create in me a clean heart, Lord, so that my will is of no import. I want to die under the greatness of your hand. I want to live my life with you, for you, and by you — under more of you. Pour into me so that I can overflow and others can receive the gift of your abundance.