Prayer for Rest

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

In you, God I find my rest. When situations have me pressed on every side, it is you that gives me peace. It is you that gives me a place to lay my head; a place where hard rocks are transformed into a pillow’s plush. On the 7th day, you rested. On the 7th day, you looked around and said “It was good.” On the 7th day, you magnified the importance of stillness – you made clear the command to rest.

Today, I confess my sins – sins that have me privilege and choose action over inaction, anxiety over peace. I confess of all the times where I chose not to grab ahold of the rest you offered. Abba, help me to value the power of rest – physical, spiritual, mental, and financial. Help me to discern between my need for rest and human laziness, inaction due to inability, and inaction due to fear. Make clear to me the paths set before me, and give me the strength to be still. Daddy, I want to follow that still, small voice of yours – the one that encourages me, brings peace, and sets my walk afloat with joy.

While I know there are times where I am faint, severely crushed, and full of groaning because of the anguish of my heart, I also know that your presence goes with me and that you will give me rest. Help me trust that truth more and more, so that my heart is glad and my whole being rejoices as my body rests securely in you.

May that rest be so sweet that the decision to surrender each day and in every matter becomes easier and easier.