Prayer Requests

As a member of God’s Kingdom, prayer is a special form of communication with our Father. It is an opportunity for us to lay down our fears, worries, doubts, and concerns at the foot of the cross, knowing that God will take care of them in the best way He sees fit. It can be a place where we celebrate with our Daddy, rejoicing and giving thanks for all He’s done and will do in our lives. Prayer, too, is an opportunity for us to grow in relationship with God and others who are praying on our behalf.

If you are a women in need of prayer, write us at

Whether long or short, we want to know how to pray for you, so that our Father can ease the tensions of your heart. We believe prayer changes things, and we pray you believe so too! And if you don’t just yet, give it a try – show faith the size of a mustard seed and see Him work. We’re confident God will show up – some way, somehow!

Praying for you!