Prayer for Strength

God, you are worthy to be praised. Your glory and might are magnificent, breathtakingly awesome! Your holiness is beyond all measure, and your steadfast character forms the foundation of my faith’s strength. Father, I adore you for who you are, and I give you thanks for all you’ve done.

But today in the midst of seeing you at work and knowing the fruit of your hand, I share that I am weak – that I have nothing left to give and that your warrior is wounded. I am trusting your abundant strength to not only help me weather the challenges of this current storm, but to refine my character and life approach – an approach that completely operates out of your power and not my own.

Your Word says that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Please strengthen these dry and weary bones infusing them with whatever is needed to stand strong on your Word and within your holy strength. Encourage my heart to not be discouraged by my failures and those of others, but instead rejoicing in these moments of opportunity to grow in relationship with you.

I pray that the strength I receive from you encourages me in such a way that others will be moved to positions of strength, and that you, ultimately, get glory out of the situation. I lay down my weaknesses at the altar. Do with them as you wish.