Prayer of Surrender

You are the God of creation. All things – great and small – bow to you in praise and surrender. Your name is the holiest of holies; the place we find refuge and life. God, you are great. I give you praise not for what you’ve done, but for who you are. Magnificent. Mighty. Gracious. Just. Omniscient. Compassionate. Free. Not bound by anything or anyone.

Lord, I confess the limits I tried to put around you; my actions that attempted to usurp your will and your power. In you only can I find reconciliation for my mistakes, for my attempt to be god-like, to be in control.  Father, forgive me for my actions and for the sin that I do not know its impact. Help me to stand in your love when every fiber of my fleshly being wants to exercise its own knowledge and control. Help me to forgive others whose actions seek to control me. Help me to surrender to what you’ve ordained and planned since you first knew me; knew this world. 

I confess I don’t understand what you’re doing, but your Word says that your ways are not my ways and that my thoughts are not your thoughts – that they are much higher than the heavens. Father, help me to see that. Give me opportunities to see how much greater your plan is for me than the one I have for myself. May I yield to the love you shower upon me, even when it doesn’t feel like love. Give me strength to trust your Word; a desire to know you more intimately.

I commit to trusting you in the process, to believing you more than I did yesterday, and to surrendering to Your will. Help me today. Help my tomorrow. And may you receive the glory someway, somehow in my offering of surrender. In Jesus’ name.